History And Type Of Digital Cameras

5th December, 2008
digital cameras
Roberto Sedycias asked:

A digital camera is such a camera that will take either video or still snaps digitally. It records the images digitally on a light-sensitive sensor. Some digital cameras can take still snaps as well as video and audio. The digital cameras have become very popular nowadays and more and more people are opting for rather than regular cameras.

Digital cameras are technologically much advanced and have many user-friendly features that are usually not found in regular cameras. One such very good feature is that it displays the image on the camera’s screen just after you catch it. Thus you can click and record millions and millions of pictures, keep the ones you want and discard the others. After the pictures or videos are recorded, you can edit the images and thus can be a virtual master of the background, people etc. Imagine the fun when you can change the background of a picture taken at your home to be changed to a Hawaiian beach, or changing the hair color of your sister to a wild pink and many other things. The choices are unlimited.

Nowadays digital cameras can be incorporated in many devices like PDAs or mobile phones or computers etc. Some astronomical devices like Hubble Space Telescope also use specialized digital cameras.

Digital camera technology has evolved from the similar technology that first recorded television images. It was in 1951 when the first video tape recorder was used to capture live images using television cameras. They converted the information in electrical impulses and saved the information on magnetic tape. It was actually due to NASA`s space technology that used digital images to capture photographs of surface of moon and advanced computer technology that led to major developments in digital photography.

Government was also using this technology in forms of spy camera and the time that being spy satellites and it contributed immensely in advancement of science of digital imaging. Soon private companies like Kodak, Sony etc were releasing professional digital cameras for ordinary people. Their strong marketing tactics worked and today digital cameras are found everywhere.

There are many varieties of digital camera and we will discuss some of them. Compact digital cameras are one of such varieties and are designed to be small as well as portable. The miniature versions are called subcompact cameras. Though they do not have much advanced features or excellent image quality but they are very simple to use and easy to carry around. Images are stored using Lossy compression in JPEG format. Such cameras are generally equipped with a low power, built-in flash usually sufficient for close subjects. Live preview is generally used for framing the photos. They are perfect for casual and home use.

Another type are Bridge cameras that are higher-end cameras. They resemble DSLRs and also share some advanced features with them but just like compact cameras, the photo framing is done with help of live preview and they also have small sized sensors. A Fuji film FinePix Bridge camera is also equipped with super zoom lenses that give you a chance to take very distant shots, though at the cost of image quality.

Another type is Digital single lens reflex cameras that are based on film SLRs or single-lens reflex cameras. These cameras are characterized by the presence of a mirror-reflex system. Other types include rangefinder and are generally used for film cameras, professional modular digital cameras that are assembled from different modular components and used for specific purposes. The common brands for such cameras include Mamiya and Hasselblad.

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